MIUA is the principal UK forum for communicating research progress within the community interested in image analysis applied to medicine and related biological science. The meetings are designed for the dissemination and discussion of research in medical image understanding and analysis, and aims to encourage the growth and raise the profile of this multi-disciplinary field by bringing together the various communities including among others:

  • Body imaging
    Brain imaging
    Cardiac Imaging
    Circulation and Microcirculation
    Computational anatomy and physiology
    Computed Tomography
    Imaging Physics
    In-vivo intravital imaging
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (structural, diffusion and functional)
    Novel Imaging Methods
    Optical Imaging
    Positron Emission Imaging
    Tissue Perfusion

Technical contributions are sought in all relevant areas including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Big data processing
    Clinical and Scientific Evaluation of Imaging Studies
    Computer-Aided Pathology
    Computer-Aided Radiology
    Computer-Assisted Surgery
    Data Compression and Anonimisation
    Data Fusion
    Decision Support
    Discovery of imaging biomarkers
    Human Computer Interaction
    Image Enhancement
    Image Interpretation
    Image-Guided Intervention
    Image formation and reconstruction
    Image Perception
    Image Registration
    Image Segmentation
    Intelligent Imaging Systems
    Machine Learning in Imaging
    Modelling and Simulation
    Motion Analysis
    Multi-Modality Image Analysis
    Pattern and feature recognition
    Protocol Development and Standardisation
    Quantitative Image Analysis
    Shape Analysis
    Software development
    Super-resolution algorithms
    Statistical Methods in Imaging
    Systematic Testing & Validation
    Texture Analysis
    Time series analyses
    Virtual Reality